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Amy and the rest of Club 27

Did you hear about Amy Winehouse? So sad. A beautiful voice is now silent.

She is the latest member of Club 27 along with Kurt, Jimi, Janis, Jim and Brian (Jones - original Rolling Stones) she was talented, as were they all, but deeply troubled, as were they all. The news hit me kinda hard this morning. I hate that Club... I mourn the losses. The world is poorer for the lack of their talent. I am also fascinated in the most macabre way as if there but for the grace of Buddha would I go - and yet I have not the meteoric talent of any of them - that I have lived almost twice as long. So much for my living fast, dying young and leaving a beautiful corpse. Not that I didn't try, I suppose. Nor that any of them were beautiful in death - especially Kurt.

I cried openly to hear that she was finally consumed by her demons and feeling the oppressive weight of my own.

Find peace now, Amy and say hello from me to my friend Kurt.

I miss him. I will miss you as well.